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Waterproof Bag

Waterproof Bag

Product name:Waterproof Bag



1). 100% Waterproof Waist Dry Bag-with 3 zipper lock and Velcro Tap on top protect your value in safe, let you enjoy your diving, swimming boating fishing swimming any time any where.
2). Soft Durable Material- made with soft durable PVC material, let your feel comfortable during using.
3). Touch Screen Sensitive- translucent blue and pink one enable you use your smartphone without open the waterproof waist dry bag. Even under water, the waist dry bag let you can check your emails messages or take photos conveniently. The black one is Opaque don’t have such function, only store some privacy Please note.
4). Bigger than Bigger Waist Dry bag- You can pack 1pc iPad MINI or several smart phones.
4). 3 Pack - Translucent Blue Pink and Opaque Black.
1). Material: PVC Dry Bag
2). Size: 8.6*5.9 inch
3). Weight: 3.17 oz
4). Pack: 3 Pack Translucent Blue ,Pink and Opaque Black.
1). Please do waterproof test before use. Place a paper in the waist dry bag, seal it completely and leaving it submerged in water.
2). After place your stuff, please air the waist dry bag before sealing.
3). After using, please place it in good place lest any strong shocks or scratches

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